The Purpose of the three Trusts is:

To assist Charitable Organisations, Schools, Sporting and Cultural bodies, including Rotary and other Community based organisations with financial subsidies and support for Community based projects across New Zealand.The Trusts do not fund any costs relating to any travel domestic or International. Neither do the Trusts fund projects outside New Zealand.

Our Mission

The Trusts were formed by extremely generous benefactors to assist in the funding of charitable causes across New Zealand with a focus on funding those that need a step up in life rather than a simple handout. We have a high degree of focus on supporting young people and the community in general with health, education and personal development.

What We Do

The trusts make specific grants to charitable or community and education based organisations to further expand the reach of their services into the wider parts of the community. We fund many projects in collaboration with others such as Rotary, Lions and Zonta often on the basis of matching amounts raised.